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Spaza is Swedish based designer and manufacturer of bathroom accessories niche for hospitality properties with a high awareness of sustainability, design and user experience. The motive of our work is to adapt and reinvent the hospitality property concept to become more sustainable and friendly for everyone involved.


It’s in the dynamic contrast between the bright flowering spring season and grey cold winter that our creativity and Swedish industrial tradition have taken root and constantly keep us at the forefront of technology and thinking outside the box.

Scandinavian minimalism entails only working with those processes and elements that are truly necessary. The way in which every single one of our products are designed serves a specific purpose and does not try to capture the observer’s attention. Every Spaza product is made from one raw material and crafted into a single-component item exclusively manufactured in Sweden in line with its industry traditions.

A design is successful to us if it is so simple that your flow remains uninterrupted, and, fortunately for us, beauty can be found in this simplicity. It is this core concept that fundamentally defines our products. Even though the outcome of our work is simple and elegant, the underlying processes leading up to it is not, and our aspiration to take all aspects of use into account — primary as well as secondary — when designing, gives rise to multiple factors for consideration.


Spaza was founded by the Swedish designer Christian Runius in 2013, who realized there was a need for functional yet aesthetic amenity accessories developed solely with respect to the requirements of the hospitality properties. Today, Spaza still manufacture all products in Sweden shipping all over the world.