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Spaza is a designer and producer of minimalistic bathroom and toilet accessories niche for hotels and spas with a high awareness of art, design and architecture. Spaza was founded not many years ago (2016) by the Swedish designer Christian Runius, who saw there was a need for aesthetic and functional bathroom and toilet accessories at hotels and spas. From his studio in Stockholm and a third-generation family-owned factory, in the renowned industrial region Gnosjö in Sweden, Christian founded Spaza and began to reach out to renowened hotels and spas in Sweden.

The way in which every single one of the products are designed serves a specific purpose and does not try to capture the observer’s attention. Every Spaza product is made from one raw material and crafted into a single-component item. The raw material comes in sheet and is forged in Scandinavia known to as the best stainless steel in the world.

Minimalism entails only working with those processes and elements that are truly necessary.

What makes the designs minimalist is the effect they have on their surroundings and the space they create.

Christian Runius, Founder / Head of Design

Spaza products are exclusively manufactured in Sweden in line with Scandinavian design and industry traditions. Manufacturing starts from one single raw material into a single-detail item, or as few details as possible. Using as few elements as possible and sticking to sustainable materials and shapes are the limitations that define the complexity of creating minimalist products.

Today, Spaza delivers products to all over the world and offer a standard range as well as product customizations and design projects. We want to give the hospitality customer the opportunity to influence the design process and possibility to adapt our products to their spaces.