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Corona Crisis Situation Update March 24, 2020

Dear Customer,

We are all facing challenging times due to the COVID-19 and we at Spaza take each day as it comes to evaluate the situation.

In order to protect our suppliers and continuous production, we are forced to move into a temporary up-front payment mode on all orders, including samples. For payments, we can charge by invoice or credit card in our webshop. For large orders, payment can be deposited in an escrow account or by using Letter of Credit.

Deliveries are still moving on as planned but we will face disruptions as the corona crisis continues.

Since the whole world is affected by the Corona virus, we at Spaza are also working hard to help the healthcare.

We are designing a non-profit disposable face shield for healthcare workers. This will be aimed to provide the Swedish healthcare system with a large number of face shields on short notice until regular shipments arrive. The drawings for these shields will be made available as “Open Source” to allow other manufacturers around the globe to use our design.

As the use of hand sanitizer liquid increases, we have been informed that bottles with hand sanitizers are being stolen in hospitals, emergency- and healthcare centers.

This is making the situation worse in these environments since cleaning our hands is crucial to prevent the virus to spread.

Therefore, we have designed a “hospital version” of our lockable bracket in electropolished stainless steel with elbow dispenser to fit various hand sanitizer dispenser bottles. Also, we are testing using copper-plated stainless steel for these brackets, since copper has a built-in effect against viruses.

On the business side of things, we are working to connect our amenities partners with our new hand sanitizer partners in order to make integrated offerings with duo brackets for both soap and sanitizer or standalone sanitizer.

Please let us know if we can do anything to assist you!


Christian Runius

Founder / Head of Design

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  1. On 24 March 2020 speaking on national television, Minister of Small Business and Development in South Africa Khumbudzo Ntshavheni said that only spaza shops “owned by South Africans and managed and run by South Africans” will be allowed to continue operating during nationwide-lockdown, ostensibly to ensure the quality of goods and food.

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