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Retail and Vanity Brands

Spaza bracket system paired with your retail and vanity brand becomes a highly adaptable, environmentally friendly and visually aesthetic solution for luxury hotels, lounges, restaurants, cruises and other applications that guests will adore. Together with our global sales partner we are working for some of the world’s most renowed brands such as Le Labo, Byredo, Apotheke, Exnihilo, and we are proud some of these are Swedish brands such as Sachajuan, Björk & Berries, Tangent GC.

We offer retail and vanity-based brands a customization of the non-lockable, lockable, and tamper proof bracket system so that it will fit your specific product. That way you will be able to offer a complete package to the property.

Contact us to learn more how Spaza can provide you with a brand customized bracket → Contact us