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The tamper proof holder is an additional feature which has an extra claw that prevents unscrewing the pump, it is located at the back of the bottle pump.

All of our products that are installed in shower environment are made in high quality stainless steel from european suppliers. Powder coating is a finish which is as protective to the underlying material as it is decorative. Our bottle holders have been tested to assure they withstand the harsh environment, read more at

The tape itself is very strong and the bonding between the product and tape is very strong since it adhere to the stainless steel surface. To assure you will get the best adhesion to your wall, it is important that all residues and grease is removed. This is commonly achieved by 3M cleaner (isopropanol) and a cloth.

Download bottle holder installation instructions

Installation Instructions

Download: Bottle Holder Installation Instructions.pdf

Download: Amenity Shelving Specification and Instructions.pdf


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