About Spaza

Spaza is a Swedish brand that designs and manufactures bathroom accessories for hotels and spas. Spaza was founded by the product designer and entrepreneur Christian Runius, who saw there was a need for attractive, functional interior design components at style-conscious hotels and restaurants, such as for beauty products, where there are currently strong luxury organic brands that are growing in popularity and where exposing their products to guests plays a major part in the guests’ experience and overall impression.

Spaza is driven by curiosity, creativity and minimalism. Factors that make time freeze for anyone who loves to create things. Our products are manufactured from a single raw material into a single-component item. Using as few manufacturing elements as possible and sticking to simple materials and forms are the limitations that define the complexity of creating minimalist products.

Today, Spaza offers a full range of toilet and bathroom accessories such as solutions for wall-mounted beauty products, bottle holders, shower shelving, cup holders and hooks. Our products are exclusively manufactured in Sweden and in line with Swedish design and industry traditions.