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Designed in Sweden to unlock your potential.

With your employees and guests in mind our products, made in Sweden, elevate hospitality properties through sustainable, functional accessories that drive efficiency, enrich experiences and fuel growth.

Introducing our innovative dispenser bracket system that offer a highly adaptable, environmentally friendly and visually aesthetic solution for retail and vanity-based solutions for luxury hotels, lounges, cruises and other applications. Discover a new standard in hotel luxury.

Engineered to complement your care products, our shelves and trays give the appearance of effortlessly floating on the wall. The minimalist design not only enhances the beauty of the space but also emphasizes the branding of the items displayed.

To ensure your hospitality spaces convey a consistent look and feel, we have designed a complimentary range of accessories. Crafted with precision, these accessories blend form and function, reflecting your brand’s unique style and commitment to quality.

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Designed by our founder

Spaza was founded by the renowned Swedish Industrial Designer Christian Runius in 2013, who identified a significant gap in the market for functional yet aesthetic amenity accessories. He envisioned products developed solely with respect to the unique requirements of hospitality properties, where form would meet function without compromise. Driven by this vision, Runius meticulously crafted a range of accessories that captured both the robust quality of Swedish manufacturing and the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Today, Spaza continues to uphold this tradition, manufacturing all products in Sweden with the same dedication to quality and design. Utilizing materials like the famed Swedish Steel, the company ensures that every piece meets the highest standards. Shipping all over the world, Spaza has grown into a globally recognized brand, a testament to its commitment to innovation, excellence, and the ethos laid down by Christian Runius. Whether it’s a hotel in Paris or an office in Tokyo, Spaza products add a touch of Swedish craftsmanship, bridging functionality with aesthetics, and meeting the needs of the most discerning clients worldwide.