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Fold Single Dispenser Bracket

Secure your brand assets. Simplify maintenance. Deliver service.

The Fold Dispenser Bracket offers a sleek and efficient solution for more focused hospitality needs. Available in both lockable and non-lockable versions, along with an optional tamper-proof feature, this bracket is ideal for standalone products such as soap or shampoo. The lockable models enhance security by preventing unauthorized bottle removal, while the tamper-resistant option ensures that the pump remains secure. Choose the Spaza Single Dispenser Bracket for a streamlined and effective way to elevate the experience in your hospitality, hotel, or office bathrooms.

Attention to details

Spaza bracket comes in three models; lockable with or without a tamper proof feature, and non-lockable brackets. The locking mechanism prevents the bottle from being removed from the bracket, and the tamper resistant feature prevents the pump from being unscrewed while mounted in the bracket. Each model comes in (i) single, (ii) double, and (iii) triple version.

Tamper resistant

For standalone or specialized dispensing needs, the Single Dispenser Solution offers a focused, high-quality approach to essential product delivery.

Optional base design

For versatile bathroom needs, the Double Dispenser effortlessly pairs shampoo with conditioner or soap with hand cream, offering a streamlined and elegant solution for multiple products.

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For the ultimate in bathroom convenience and luxury, the Triple Dispenser accommodates shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one sleek unit, simplifying your amenities while elevating the experience.

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