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What we deliver is complete — not only are our products beautiful and functional, they are also meant to last. We test how our products perform and endure in harsh environments, during repetitive use, and under excessive loads, using a variety of tests. Products are put in salt spray test, chemical resistance, FEM-analyses, to push the durability to its limits and assure sustainability.

All of the development and production — from idea to finished product — takes place in Sweden, a country known for its industrial tradition, innovation, and social sustainability; a  heritage that we embody by ensuring that no steps of the manufacturing processes are dangerous or straining for the workers, relying on automation for repetitive motions. Furthermore are our concerns for environmental sustainability, and we have made it so that our products are produced with renewable energy in Sweden and without hazardous emissions.

Mechanical Endurance

Testing our product’s mechanical durability is essential to get insights in our product’s potential weaknesses and to ensure ideal performance. When we decided for how many repetitions, or cycles, that our tests should run in our starting point was at least one action per day, 365 days a year in 10 years. That results in 3,650 cycles so we decided to run for minimum 5,000 cycles1. Depending on functionality tested this might vary to larger amount of cycles.


1Latest test run was stopped at 9,370 cycles still 100% functionality and with no substantial damage (26th September 2021)