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Designed to seamlessly complement your Spaza main products. Crafted with the same attention to quality and sustainability, our accessories elevate both function and aesthetics. From wall mounts to specialized attachments, each item undergoes the rigorous testing standards that define Spaza.

Discover Spaza Shelves and Trays, made from high-quality stainless steel and designed for both style and utility. Available in various finishes like polished, matte black, and 24K gold plating, these wall-mounted options are perfect for showcasing large format bottles. No plastics or artificial materials are used, aligning with our sustainability ethos.

Elevate your space with Spaza’s Waste Bins, offered in polished and matte black finishes. Crafted from premium materials, these bins offer a seamless blend of form and function. Opt for Spaza for a sleek, practical solution to waste disposal.

Explore our Hand Towel Dispensers, a blend of form and function in polished and matte black finishes. Crafted from premium materials, these dispensers bring a touch of elegance to any bathroom setting while providing a practical solution for hand drying. Elevate your space with Spaza’s commitment to quality and design.

Elevate the bathroom experience for your guests with Spaza Cup Holders. Designed in polished and matte black finishes, these holders blend form and function, adding a touch of sophistication that your guests will appreciate. Ideal for property owners aiming to provide a premium experience in every detail.

Designed by Spaza

Crafted internally by Spaza, each design represents a synergy of quality and functionality, tailored to the precise needs of our clients in the hospitality industry. Our creations enhance both practicality and aesthetics, embodying an excellence unique to the Spaza brand.

Patented innovations

Engineered with precision, Spaza’s unique innovations and patented inventions address specific customer needs in the hospitality industry. Our solutions elevate functionality without compromising quality, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

Produced in Sweden

By utilizing local craftsmanship and adhering to stringent environmental standards, we ensure that each piece embodies our core values. Our dedication extends to caring for our workers, fostering a culture of respect and well-being.

Trusted by leading brands

Spaza has earned the trust and partnership of leading brands across the globe. Our reputation as a dependable provider of quality hospitality accessories is recognized by industry leaders who value innovation, design integrity, and customer satisfaction.

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Designed by our founder

Spaza was founded by the renowned Swedish Industrial Designer Christian Runius in 2013, who identified a significant gap in the market for functional yet aesthetic amenity accessories. He envisioned products developed solely with respect to the unique requirements of hospitality properties, where form would meet function without compromise. Driven by this vision, Runius meticulously crafted a range of accessories that captured both the robust quality of Swedish manufacturing and the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Today, Spaza continues to uphold this tradition, manufacturing all products in Sweden with the same dedication to quality and design. Utilizing materials like the famed Swedish Steel, the company ensures that every piece meets the highest standards. Shipping all over the world, Spaza has grown into a globally recognized brand, a testament to its commitment to innovation, excellence, and the ethos laid down by Christian Runius. Whether it’s a hotel in Paris or an office in Tokyo, Spaza products add a touch of Swedish craftsmanship, bridging functionality with aesthetics, and meeting the needs of the most discerning clients worldwide.