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The world is changing and so are we accordingly. The motive of our work is to adapt and reinvent the hospitality property concept to become more sustainable and friendly for everyone involved.

We provide hotel bathroom accessories such as bottle holders, wall brackets, shelves and recycling units with a design that strengthen the feeling of calmness found in minimalist environments.

Regardless of what you need, we are a responsive and agile company that can provide custom solution for you.

Bottle Holders

Global markets and different nishes of properties set different requirements for how personal care products should be installed and exposed to the guest in the hotel. Spaza presents a range of bottle holder solutions that meet different requirements.

Each of our bottle holder solutions comes with the possibility of customization to be able to match your brand, shape and size of bottle, how to be attached to the wall, choice of finish and materials etc. It allows personal care brands to have customized bottle holder solutions in their unique offer to their customers.

Standard Bottles Collection

We offer a standard collection of bottles with custom printed labels for properties that only need a small quantity and have the personal care product but not the dispensers or custom accessories. Or, if you only want to browse among our products you can click this button and learn more about our products.