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Welcome to spaza

We are Spaza®, the Swedish industrial design company that crafted the first-ever lockable dispenser bracket, setting a new standard for hotels and property owners worldwide.

Focus on Hospitality

Spaza reinvents the hospitality niche with a strong commitment to sustainability and user experience. Our designs combine industrial prowess with entrepreneurship and a touch of genius. As we evolve, we are continuously pushing the frontline, ensuring that our patented and registered designs lead the way in high-quality bathroom accessories.

Design by our founder

Every Spaza product begins with a deep understanding of the users’ needs. From guests to housekeeping and installation staff, our designs are meticulously evaluated and tested to cater to all. Founded by Christian Runius in 2013, Spaza upholds the vision of merging functionality with aesthetics, specifically tailored for the hospitality sector.

Manufactured in Sweden

Made in Sweden – this is a badge of honor we wear with pride. At Spaza, every accessory is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Sweden, harnessing local raw materials and employing rigorous quality tests. Whether it’s the AISI 304 combined with powder coated finish or the AISI 316 for polished finish, we ensure that every product stands the test of time.

Our promise to you!

At Spaza, our products come with a promise: To outlive their buyers. With this promise in mind, we provide personal, world-class service. We don’t just sell; we connect, ensuring each client feels valued. From your first inquiry to post-purchase support, experience the Spaza difference: where Swedish quality meets unparalleled personal care.

Signature Products