Installation guide tape method

Tape installation guide

Important information


Check surface

Make sure the contact surface is flat and even to ensure full contact of the adhesive tape.


Measure 48 inches (120 cm) from floor to top of bracket, and mark position of each contact surface with pencil or piece of masking tape.*

*For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) designated rooms – we recommend installation at 41 inches (104 cm) for accessibility.

Surface preparations


Clean all contact surfaces with isopropanol alcohol (IPA) to remove any greasy residue, let dry thoroughly prior to installation.


Applying a primer creates a new surface for the adhesive to bond to and will improve initial and ultimate adhesion to many materials.

Install product

Remove strip

Peel of backing of adhesive strip on bracket, do not touch any of the adhesive tape or wall surface. Aim the bracket to the wall in level.


Press entire bracket against the wall for 30-60 seconds to ensure bracket has adhered to surface. Install cover plugs in the bracket screw holes.


Leave bracket on the wall for at least 24 hours before use. For best result 48 hours.

Place bottle

Use Spaza key

Place the Spaza key in the key slot, move the hook aside.


Place the bottle and swing back the hook around the cap.

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